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Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering involves the design and application of intelligent, computer-controlled electromechanical systems. Mechatronics Engineering often leads to products and processes with significantly enhanced function and performance. Alternatively, Mechatronics Engineering can be thought of as the merging or integration of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Control Engineering and Software Engineering. Examples of mechatronic systems include robots, air-bag systems, digital cameras, audiovisual technologies and aircraft cruise control. Automotive subsystems such as anti-lock braking systems, everyday equipment such as autofocus cameras, video, hard disks, and CD players are some of the inventions of Mechatronics Engineering.

What does a Mechatronics Engineer do?

  • Mechatronics engineers integrate electronics and mechanical systems using automated and intelligent computer-control systems to produce new devices (e.g., artificial hearts, anti-lock braking systems).
  • Mechatronics engineers are usually involved in the development and design of advanced Mechatronic technologies and their applications.
  • All the control system in automotive & aerospace equipments have been designed, tested and manufactured by Mechatronics Engineers.
  • Digital Tachometers & Speedometers are designed by the Mechatronics Engineer
  • Computer-machine controls, such as computer driven machines like CNC milling machines are designed & operated by Mechatronics

What is the future for a Mechatronics Engineering graduate?

Typical fields of work for Mechatronics engineers are broad, and include those fields often occupied by the Mechanical, Electrical, Computer and Software engineer. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the field and its emerging nature, Mechatronics engineers are expected to be in increasingly high demand. Mechatronics Engineers can find the opportunities in any of the following category
  • Design / Product Development / Manufacturing of the Industrial & Commercial Robots
  • Instrumentation Engineer in any of the Manufacturing Industry or Power Plants & Electrical Substation
  • Research & Development Engineer
  • Maintenance & Repair Engineer in Aero plane maintenance
  • Software Engineer in IT industry
Scope for Higher Education

After graduation as a B.E / B.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering one can look for M.E / M.Tech / M.S in any of the following areas
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace Control Systems
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Instrumentation & Control Systems
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Biomedical systems
  • Computer aided and integrated manufacturing systems

Who should opt for Mechatronics Engineering?

If one likes,
Computers, Remote controlled toys, Robotics, Mechanical & Electronic Devices

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