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Manufacturing / Production Engineering

Manufacturing or Production Engineering is the subset / specialization of a Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering with the focus only on Machine Tools, Materials Science, Tribology, and Quality Control is known as Manufacturing Engineering. Professional manufacturing engineers are responsible for all aspect of the design, development, implementation, operation and management of manufacturing system. Manufacturing is the most important element in any engineering process & Manufacturing Engineers are key personnel in many organization. The manufactured products range from aero planes, turbines, engines and pumps - to integrated circuits and robotic equipment.

What does a Manufacturing / Production Engineer do?

  • Production Engineers work towards Choosing machinery and equipments for the particular manufacturing process
  • Production Engineers will be planning & scheduling the production in any manufacturing industry. [e.g. Automobile Manufacturing industry].
  • Production Engineers will be programming the CNC machines to produce engineering components such as gears, screws, bolts, etc
  • They are responsible for quality control, distribution and inventory control.

What is the future for a Manufacturing / Production Engineering graduate?

The job of manufacturing/production Engineer involves the use of machine tools, materials and human resources in the most effective way to produce any goods. They can find opportunities in any of the following category
  • Quality Control / Process Planning Engineer in the Manufacturing Industry
  • Functional Consultant in Supply Chain Management & Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Software Engineer in IT field [ Generic and in specific to ERP / CRM Packages]
  • Research & Development Engineer in Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Inventory Control Engineer in any Manufacturing Industry
Scope for Higher Education

After graduation as a B.E / B.Tech in Manufacturing / Production one can look for M.E / M.Tech / M.S in any of the following areas
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain analysis and inventory planning
  • Tooling & Machine Tool Design
  • Manufacturing Automation and Robotics
  • Scheduling and ERP
  • CNC Machines
  • Materials & Metallurgy
  • Advanced Machine Tools & Manufacturing
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Logistics and transportation

Who should opt for Manufacturing / Production Engineering?

If one likes,
Mechanical, Machining and Machine Tools, Creating things, working with Materials, Planning and managing people

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