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Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering deals with the electronic devices, circuits, communication equipments like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits (IC). It also deals with basic electronics, analog and digital transmission & reception of data, voice and video (Example AM, FM, DTH), microprocessors, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. It aims to deepen the knowledge and skills of the students on the basic concepts and theories that will equip them in their professional work involving analysis, systems implementation, operation, production, and maintenance of the various applications in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering.

What does an Electronics & Communication Engineer do?

  • All of the applications which make our life easier and enjoyable such as Television, Radio, Computers, Mobiles etc. are designed and developed by Electronics and Communication Engineers
  • Design and maintain satellites which bring TV, telephone and Internet service into remote and rural regions
  • ECE Engineers also creates advanced communication facilities like video-conferencing which bring people together from all over the world
  • Develops programs for various control and communication systems

What is the future for a Electronics & Communication Engineering graduate?
Electronic & Communication Engineers can find the opportunities in any of the following category
  • Design / Development / Troubleshooting/ Testing/ Manufacturing of electronic products in industries like
    • Semiconductor & VLSI
    • Embedded Systems & Chip Design
    • Tele/ Mobile communication
    • Networking & Security
    • Satellite (Like, ISRO)
  • Research & Development Engineer
  • Software Engineer in IT industry

Scope for Higher Education
After graduation as a B.E / B.Tech in Electronics & Communication, one can look for M.E / M.Tech / M.S in any of the following areas
  • Mobile Communication
  • Telecommunication
  • Satellite Communication
  • Networking
  • Micro Electronics(VLSI)
  • Semi Conductors
  • Signal Processing
  • Control Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Embedded Systems
  • Automotive Electronics

Who should opt for Electronics & Communication Engineering?
If one likes,
Electronic Devices, Mobiles, Computers, Mathematics, Algorithms and Problem solving
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