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Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering incorporates elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of automobiles such as motorcycles, buses, trucks and their respective engineering subsystems. This stream of engineering also deals with the design, manufacture and operation of machines relevant to automobiles. Automotive engineers are involved in almost every aspect of designing cars and trucks, from the initial concepts right through the manufacturing.

Few examples to understand Automobile Engineer:

  • Automobile Engineer would design components/systems for an automobile (Such as brakes, battery, seats, fuel tank, etc)
  • Automobile Engineer would design new types of aerodynamic Formula-1 racecars
  • Automobile Engineer may develop engines that improve fuel efficiency and reduce green house gas emissions
  • Automobile Engineers determines how to make the car or truck & plan how to dismantle, flatten, and shred older vehicles to recycle the metals for new automobile manufacturing
  • Automobile engineers will often give guidance to the styling studio so that the shapes they design are aerodynamic, as well as attractive.

What is the future for a Automobile Engineering graduate?

Automobile Engineers can find opportunities in any of the following category
  • Design / Product Development/ Manufacturing Engineer in Automobile manufacturing Industry or Original Equipment Manufacturers of Automotive field or in Defense Services
  • Aerodynamic Modeling / Design Engineer in Formulae 1 race car manufacturing
  • Maintenance Engineer in maintenance and service station
  • Research & Development Engineer in Automotive field
Scope for Higher Education

After graduation as a B.E / B.Tech in Automobile Engineering one can look for M.E / M.Tech / M.S in any of the following areas
  • Aerodynamics
  • Alternative fuels
  • Product Development or Automotive Design
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Emission Control Systems
  • Ergonomics
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials
  • Motorsport
  • Thermodynamics & combustion
  • Power Train

Who should opt for Automobile Engineering?

If one likes,
F1 Racing, Automobiles, Mechanical, to know how car works, repairing of vehicles & to have stylish bike

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